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Using rechargeable batteries can save you a lot of money. Despite the higher cost of such products, they can have more than 100 charge / discharge cycles, which allows you to replace the same number of ordinary alkaline or salt batteries. The ML1220 battery belongs to this category of power supplies.


In order to correctly determine the correspondence of this element to a specific model, as well as when selecting a current source for various home-made circuits, it is necessary to know the exact characteristics of the battery. ML 1220 has the following main parameters:

Basic designationML1220
Analogs ML1220Read more HERE
The formTablet (Coin)
Capacity18 mAh
Voltage3 volts
Diameter12.5 mm
Height2 mm
Weight0.7 gr
Charge timefrom 4 to 8 hours
Charge-discharge cyclesmore than 100

An equally important characteristic of the element is the ability to work in a wide range of temperatures. The battery remains operational from minus 20 to plus 60 degrees Celsius.

The design features of the element include the presence of soldering contacts that are already attached to the poles of the battery. Due to this feature, it is possible to carry out installation of the product with minimal time costs.

Battery Applications

The ML 1220 battery is a universal product due to the lack of need for installation in a special socket. As a rule, such an element is attached to the printed circuit board by soldering.

This advantage of the battery was appreciated by many electronics manufacturers, so you can meet the ML1220 in various devices, including:

  • Hours.
  • Computer motherboard.
  • Security systems.
  • Various signaling devices.

ML1220 batteries are also used in military devices, so there is no doubt in the highest reliability of batteries of this type.

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Battery Analogs

There are practically no full analogues with which the ML1220 battery could be replaced. Size and voltage suitableBattery CR1220. It is important to understand that such an element is used in laptop motherboards, so any experiments can be very expensive.

The motherboard of a personal computer uses CR2032, and it is larger in diameter and higher in size, therefore, without soldering the compartment, it will not be possible to install it. If you will use CR1220, then first you need to disconnect the charging of the source from the network.

Can I charge

The ML1220 cell is a battery, but charging is not necessary, because the device’s board already has the ability to supply the necessary voltage for its charging to its contacts. That is, if the laptop is connected to the network, then it constantly charges the battery for the motherboard.

An exception to this rule can only be home-made devices or fully self-contained products that do not provide for the possibility of restoring the battery. In such a situation, you can use any 3 volt charger, preferably with an integrated battery level control system.

Popular manufacturers and their features

There are not too many battery manufacturers ML1220. The most famous companies are:

  1. Maxell.
  2. Panasonic

If you plan to replace the ML1220 battery with a CR1220 battery, then in this case the choice of manufacturers will be much greater.

What to look for when purchasing

Before you purchase a product, you must make sure that the marking completely matches the designation of the battery number. It will also be useful to know the release date of the item.Long-term storage of batteries leads to their degradation.

If the ML1220 element does not have soldered contacts, then it is better to look for a product with “legs”. Independent soldering of contacts can lead to the failure of the element.

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